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Fortuner model 2017 8 seats  100% brand new
 + Working time: from 7.00 AM to 6.00 PM
+ Monthly rental: USD 1450 per month not exceeding of 2600km per month.
+ Overtime: USD 3,00 per hour
+ Extra km exceeding km 2600th: 0.35 $/km
+ Sundays or Vietnamese holidays:  55$/100 km

The above prices include  driver’salary, gasoline and insurance  and exclude tolls and 10%VAT.

In case you wish to rent a  100% brand new vehicles,  we are willing to meet all of your needs providing a 4 years contract must be signed with an irrrvocability.
With our modern and brand new cars, together with professional and hard working drivers, for sure, you will find our services satisfactory and cost- effective.
We are looking forwards to doing business with you in near future.

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Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova

Đời xe: 2017

Hotline 24/7 - 0938120192 - 0983419930

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